Art & Ceramics

Art & Ceramics

The art room is contained within a purpose-built building. Boys enjoy two art lessons every week. Art Club has an enthusiastic following and provides an opportunity for individual projects. The art room is always available in free time for aspiring artists to sketch and paint.

Art and art history are studied together, so that a broad understanding of the subject is developed, and this also provides creative inspiration for projects.

We aim to provide challenging, inventive activities in a wide variety of media: sculpture in wire, recycled materials and modroc; carving; drawing; painting; ceramics; collage; printing and textiles. Great emphasis is placed on observed study. Sketchbooks are provided and we endeavour to foster an individual approach to projects. Artwork is proudly exhibited around the school, and a variety of prep school and national competitions are entered. Visits to galleries are also arranged on a termly basis.

Art scholarships are often undertaken by the boys. Those in Year 7 are selected for special workshops and encouraged to develop their own, distinctive style.

The pottery room is below the art room, and is equipped with a large kiln. Boys enjoy pottery lessons (and occasional preps) on a regular basis, and the room is open to all comers during some afternoons and over the weekends.