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Cothill House

Cothill House

Extra-Curricular & Clubs

Thursday afternoon is anticipated with some relish. Organised games, though much loved, are set aside to make way for the freedom of clubs. These present an opportunity for choice and experimentation, for discovery as well as for testing your limits.

Football and other outdoor games such as Capturing The Flag or playing in the nets are always popular but for many, the variety of other activities proves to be too tempting. Climbing is in demand and is certainly demanding, while Table Tennis has produced great players. Fishermen are attracted to Fly Tying while Golf, Swimming, Art, Modelling, Science and Engineering have dedicated followers. Woodwork with “PC” has been central to the Cothill experience for as long as anyone can remember.

The Library is a great place for calm reading or simply for catching up. Campcraft provides an opportunity to learn essential survival skills although you might prefer some Coding or Film Appreciation. Many clubs remain on the menu throughout but some, such as Drama or Rock Band, may only operate in a particular term.

But what about that club you would love to join if only it existed? Ask….. if it is possible, we’ll give it a go.


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