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Cothill House

Cothill House

School Life

 Cothill House is 'Independent Boarding School of the Year 2019'

All boys board at Cothill, and boarding lies at the heart of the school's ethos. We believe this not only provides the ideal environment for boys to study to their full potential, but also enables them to take better advantage of extra-curricular activities and develop stronger friendships with those around them. They learn the necessary skills of living in a community such as participation and tolerance.

All boys are under the personal care of the Headmaster and his wife who live in the main building. There is also a resident Head Matron, a School Nurse and a team of matron assistants. There is thus always someone to whom a boy can turn, someone who will listen, advise and support, and the levels of pastoral care that all boys receive was recognized as "outstanding" in the recent ISI inspection.

In addition to the main building, second year boys are cared for by Mr and Mrs Williams as houseparents in the Bungalow, just across the cricket square, which gives them an added sense of independence and responsibility. Leavers in their final year board at Chandlings Manor, a magnificent country house, under the supervision of their own housemaster Mr Asher and his wife. This is good preparation for life ahead at senior school and the boys greatly enjoy the opportunity to have their own space and additional responsibilities. 

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