Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cothill House?

Cothill House is in the Vale of the White Horse, just a short drive from Abingdon and Oxford. Directions and more about the area can be found here.

Why do parents choose Cothill for their son?

Cothill provides an inspirational day or boarding education and unrivalled opportunities for boys aged 8 to 13. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent academic and all-round education in a welcoming environment. The school is renowned for the excellent levels of pastoral care. Boys enjoy busy school days - whether climbing trees, riding BMXs, building dens or playing sports, being outside (and getting muddy) is definitely seen as a very good thing at Cothill!  To find out more about the school click here.

Where do the boys go after Cothill?

Boys progress to a number of leading schools, mostly boarding, with many achieving scholarships. The most popular schools are Eton, Radley, Winchester, Cheltenham and Harrow. A full list of schools can be found by clicking here.

Who can my child receive support from?

The relationships between boys and between boys and staff are excellent; open communication is actively encouraged. Boys meet their Tutors every day and are supported in achieving their academic, sporting and activity goals. Our exceptional team of matrons is always on hand to help. More information about caring for the boys can be found here.

How do I know if boarding is the right thing for my child?

Most boys love boarding and thrive in our busy, happy community. A boy who likes discovering new experiences and getting 'stuck in' will love life at Cothill.

Is there enough for boys to do at the weekends?

Weekends are busy! There is lots on offer from fishing to laser tag to riding BMX's in the woods to external trips. Likewise, if they want to do art, pottery or woodwork these activities are always something to enjoy. Unlike many schools, Cothill is a full boarding school and at weekends, the boys always have plenty of friends around. Find out more here.

Does my son need to sit an ‘entry test’?

Cothill is gently selective. We invite prospective boys to an Assessment Day where they will take part in a range of activities. We observe them throughout the day to see if they will flourish at Cothill. We also ask their current schools for a reference to make sure that they will be able to get the most out of life at the school. More information can be found here.

When should interested parents apply?

Parents may register their sons from birth but there are typically one or two places available up to a year prior to entry in Years 4, 5 and 6. Full admissions information can be found here.

Do I need to wait for an Open Day to visit?

Open Days provide an excellent opportunity to meet the Head, have a tour with pupils and hear their views about school life, as well as to meet other parents.  However, we are delighted to welcome families for visits throughout the year.  More information can be found by clicking here or to arrange a visit, please contact us via email at or call us on 01865 390800.

Do I have to wait until September for my son to join?

Places occasionally become available at other times of the year.  More information can be found about the School's admissions process by clicking here or by contacting us via email at or call us 01865 390800.