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Cothill House

Cothill House


It is very often the experiences outside of the classroom that we remember best, and that cement our understanding, as the sands of time pass through our fingers.  Geography would be nothing without an exploration of the physical world outside. History might seem to have taken place only in the pages of textbooks without visits to real battlegrounds and to museums where the armour or the aircraft that changed a war can be seen and even touched.  

Blessed with such committed teachers prepared to share their broad and eclectic interests, Cothill is proud of the quality and variety of the learning enrichment opportunities that it provides all boys.

Recent examples include a year 5 trip to Sutton Courtenay’s Environmental Education Centre, year 6 trips to Berlin and Vienna, year 7 trips to the First World War battlefields and year 8 excursions to complete fieldwork at the coast for their projects.  Visiting authors regularly give talks and workshops to small groups to help bring poetry alive or to develop an aspect of the boys’ creative writing, and the whole school is involved in Theme Week in the autumn term, when everyone’s teaching and a range of activities are focused around one theme, recent ones being Power, Revolution and STEM. You can read more about Theme Weeks here.



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