Our wonderful facilities

The first word that springs to mind describing Cothill is SPACE - space to play, space to learn, space to create!

We are incredibly fortunate to be so close to the centre of Oxford yet nestled amongst grounds and woodlands that are ideal for children to explore and enjoy. 

We have classrooms, science labs, art rooms and music rooms where the 'schooling' takes place, where our pupils learn and mature until they are ready to move on to the perfect senior school for them. But there is so much more to the daily life of Cothill - our pupils have so many different and exciting opportunities for them to find where they shine, to enjoy fabulous experiences and to be outdoors with their friends, where young children should be as much as possible!

Do have a look at our photo galleries to find out more. These will give you a sense of what a special place Cothill is, but nothing can beat coming to see for yourself.