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Cothill House

Cothill House

New joiner information

Getting ready to board for the first time can feel daunting so, to help new joiners, our Year 4 boys have shared some of their thoughts on boarding below. The uniform list can be found at the bottom of the page.

What do you enjoy most about boarding?

  1. It’s like a sleepover every night
  2. It’s fun having time with your friends each night in the dorms
  3. Dorm competitions are fun
  4. There is a prize for 'Boy of the Week'
  5. If you’re ever sad, there are lots of people (staff & boys) around to help
  6. There is lots of free time & fun activities
  7. Grub shop on Sunday is brilliant
  8. It feels like home in the dormitories
  9. Playing bingo in the evenings
  10.  Baking biscuits & cooking pizza

What are your top tips for new boarders?

  1. Pre-order magazines to arrive in the post every week (eg Beano or Match of the Day Magazine)
  2. Bring in pictures for your bedside (eg your family or pets)
  3. Bring in your skateboard & your scooter 🛴 to enjoy the school ramps (don't forget your helmet!)
  4. Set up a Skype account so you can video call your family (you can also call from the phones) 
  5. Choose a cool colour for your tuck box 
  6. Select the most fun pyjamas or onesies you can find
  7. Don’t forget your key chain for your tuck box keys
  8. Bring lots of teddies
  9. Don't forget posters and pictures to decorate your pinboard
  10. Don't forget the ear plugs (some boys snore!)

To find out more about boarding at Cothill, you may enjoy watching our boarding stories video.

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