New movement initiative

New movement initiative

Cothill House School has partnered with FMS Schools to introduce a new movement initiative. FMS Schools is a resource and software platform built specifically for schools to help track, report and develop functional movement for pupils.  

Rory Griffiths, Director of Sport, said: ‘With increased screen and idle time now part of modern life, we want to enable our boys, initially those in Years 4-6, to identify and then rectify any issues with posture, breathing, mobility and stability. It should have a significant impact on how they go about their lives inside and outside the classroom.

‘It will complement our PE programme, allowing our boys to identify and correct any issues in their balance, movement and stability - and ultimately become better movers. In the longer term, we aim to push our most talented athletes on the Bridge athletic development programme that will help them develop greater confidence.'

The FMS resource is made up of four modules:

  • Movement Play: Engaging children through a multi-video programme.
  • The Bridge: An athletic development programme with 58 levels of movement competency.  
  • Screening: A 10-minute individual assessment that identifies mobility weaknesses before producing a personalised programme for each child.  
  • Capacity Testing Data: This allows all capacity data such as bleep tests, run times, standing broad jumps and strength work, to be recorded, managed and reported. Each pupil then has a personalised Athletic Development Passport.

The correct movement habits instilled through this resource will say with each child, making them more confident teenagers and setting them on a more active path for the rest of their lives. 

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