Day places or 'a bit of both' at Cothill

Day places or 'a bit of both' at Cothill

We have increasingly been asked when this special experience might be open to more local families who feel their child would thrive if they could start as a day pupil before moving to boarding after a couple of years. 

We know that all children grow at their own pace - and that what is perfect for one child now might not be perfect for another yet. That's why we are delighted to be able to offer day places or a mix of day and boarding in what will prove to be one of the key developments in Cothill's history.  

In response to parental demand, we have also decided to offer the wonderful Cothill experience to day pupils joining us in Year 3 from September 2024.

Despite this, you will find that very little differentiates a day pupil from a boarding pupil other than where they go to sleep!

Our pastoral care and safeguarding structures are the same, as are their timetables, meal times (and menus!), extracurricular fun and games, sports fixtures...and everything else that makes Cothill House the magical place it is. Find out more about what's on offer at Cothill using the links on the right of this page.