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What exactly is Geography? It is the study of the earth: what is in it, what is on it and what is above it. It is the study of how man interacts with his environment. Geography is an umbrella, covering a wide range of subjects from geology to astronomy, from meteorology to current affairs. It examines the world in which each child lives from day to day and considers future trends and changes.

In recent times the study of Geography has changed to meet the growing awareness that our children have of the world around them. While we still require them to learn certain geographical facts (names of major rivers, mountain ranges, capital cities and the like), we also require them to think about the effects man is having on his environment and the impact of such things as global warming, climate change, globalisation, energy supplies and over population. These are real issues that future generations will need to address and it is important to build a sensible foundation upon which informed decisions can be reached without being unduly influenced by media hype.

Our study of geography also encompasses mathematical concepts, physical processes and all the activities of man on the planet. It is a subject with increasing relevance in our rapidly changing world. We aim to inform, stimulate and enthuse the boys in this challenging subject using a variety of excursions, field trips, projects and lectures.

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