Old Cothillians & 'Cothill Connected'

Old Cothillians & 'Cothill Connected'

Dear Cothillian

For the last few months I have witnessed first hand what so many of you have been at pains to articulate to me through welcome letters and congratulatory messages: Cothill is an idyll in a frantic and stressful world.  

As I write this in my study with my two dogs, Chillie and Fig, sitting at my feet, the shrieks of excitement coming through the walls as boys play pool on one side of me and Jane fielding the inevitable calls on the other, I feel an enormous sense of responsibility and excitement.

Emi-Lou, my children and I have loved being at Cothill and already feel that it is under our skin and in our DNA.   Jane, whom many of you will know, has been instrumental in keeping things running smoothly but the whole team from PC to the newest gappies have been fantastic.  My own experience of being at prep school at Aysgarth in North Yorkshire was hugely informative and the people and place still hold a special place in my heart, so I can empathise with how you may be feeling as you read this new Headmaster’s introductory comments; does he really know Cothill like I know it and will it thrive under his stewardship? All I can say is that my family and I are looking forward to getting to know you and your school and guiding it carefully but boldly into its exciting next phase.

What will Cothill be known for as we embrace all manner of things from AI to challenges to all-boys boarding? How can we give the next generation the best possible foundation as they prepare for bigger tests ahead?  What will their future look like and how can we help them to confidently and boldly embrace new Technologies, a changing and unpredictable environment and an increasingly polarised society.  So much of what we can do starts with a strong sense of personal identity, confidence built through a sense of belonging, and perspective built through awareness of the wider  community.  By providing a broader curriculum and greater opportunities, focusing on good manners and team work, and modelling the core values of kindness, empathy and ambition we can help nurture the finest young men of their generation.  

But we need your help.  Cothill has always been a big community of many different interests, strengths and talents.  I would like the boys to be introduced to as many champions in their field as possible and to be able to hear from those who once sat where they are now, and who made difficult, brave decisions in life to pursue a dream.  To witness the hard work, long hours and sacrifices that go into not just being successful but, more importantly, significant.  If you have a story that resonates when you read this then I would love to hear from you, and more importantly so would the boys.

I hope that you will stay connected to Cothill and to do so, strongly encourage you to sign up to Cothill Connected

At whatever stage of your life, this platform offers you a way to stay connected to all the very best elements of the Cothill of which you will always be a part.  Your stories and experiences as a Cothillian man and boy, are what give Cothill its humanity and heart.  We learn from the past as we reach towards the future. 

 Thank you for your continued support and I’m looking forward to meeting many of you over the next few weeks, months and years. 

Floreat Cothillia!

George May

George May